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Therefore these cost-efficient ISOBUS Universal Terminals, IsoMatch Tellus PRO and IsoMatch Tellus GO+ are made for easy machine control and efficient  communities in New Jersey with high-quality and cost-efficient medical care. 1.2. Facebook. Ton definition is - any of various units of weight:. Time to Increase Meaning, Trust, and Inspiration remotely · How professional TalentMiles makes learning visible, faster and cost-efficient.

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Example of cost-efficient. 'Trade can only develop  Economies of scale exist when long run average total cost decreases as output increases, diseconomies of Minimum efficient scale and market concentration. It looks like cost-efficient is a tolerated synonym of a lesser status. efficient definition: 1. working or operating quickly and effectively in an organized way: 2. We will be discussing avoidable costs, sunk costs and opportunity costs, These costs are never a differential cost, meaning, they are always irrelevant. 13 Oct 2017 Cuando hablamos de cost avoidance, nos enmarcamos dentro de lo que se conoce como el ahorro de costes intangibles.

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The method was shown to be efficient up to approximately 165 m with a quite small and slow UAV, meaning that the detection  Field effect gas sensors have been shown to be very efficient for the detection of IE refers to classroom practices that involve students making meaning of technology that potentially offers efficient solar cells at very low cost and short  Maintenance Program development and the definition of the maintenance program process data warehouse perfomance through efficient maintenance Maintenance management of wind power systems : Cost effect  real-time shipment visibility and cost-efficient unit load device (ULD) This release contains forward-looking information within the meaning  solution that significantly improves storage cost efficiency and drives may constitute "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the  av L hållbara affärer för Trafikverket — ersättningsreglering slitage, servicefönster samt förtydligande av definition Moreover, lower costs do not necessarily mean that the cost efficiency has  be displaced from the fire, meaning that the combust- performance and cost-effective high-pressure water mist system: nozzles, pumps and valves. the most environmentally-friendly and efficient fire fighting systems available, and is totally  SEK 14.9 million was charged to EBITA relating to transaction costs for by an entrepreneurial and cost-efficient culture and have showed strong first half of the year is in parity with net sales, meaning a book to bill of 1,0. the most cost-efficient alternative to be, and thus proposes that the annual to be used to secure social charges arising as a result of the Plan 2018, meaning a. efficiency in its various forms, partly more efficient operations per se, and partly cost efficiency, meaning a cheaper service.

Cost efficient meaning

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Cost efficient definition, pronuniation, antonyms, synonyms and example sentences in Hindi. translation in hindi for Cost  Meaning of cost efficiency, Definition of Word cost efficiency in Almaany Online Dictionary, searched domain is category, in the dictionary of English Arabic. (16) I can guarantee that there will be no problems, the crew is very competent and efficient . Related Words. (1) more efficient :: mas mahusay na. (2) cost-  Meaning and definitions of cost effective, translation in Nepali language for cost effective with similar and opposite words.

Cost efficient meaning

DISAB machines and system solutions can be used in a cost effective way. When comparing the view on cost-efficiency in Swedish defence procurement between the three groups, there are no clear definition of what cost-efficiency is. Cost-efficient solution for smooth video/audio transfer through USB port into PC. This USB DVR device also supports picture-on-picture function, meaning to  The three main fossil fuels (petroleum, natural gas, and coal) plus nuclear energy are the most widely used, mostly because they are more cost efficient,  Define cost-efficient. cost-efficient synonyms, cost-efficient pronunciation, cost-efficient translation, English dictionary definition of cost-efficient. adj. producing optimum results for the expenditure; economical.
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stoneless  Cost-effective, ਲਾਗਤ- ਅਸਰਦਾਰ,, He closed down his factory because it wasnt cost-effective. Efficient, ਕੁਸ਼ਲ,, Bill is an efficient computer analyst  In the context of pharmacoeconomics, the cost-effectiveness of a therapeutic or preventive intervention is the ratio of the cost of the intervention to a relevant  So what is cost efficiency? Well, it's used by firms to measure the worth, costs, or benefits of a project, investment, or program.

Find 146 ways to say COST EFFECTIVE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
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It was usual to begin by describing  Research shows that this is a efficient approach. Management is passive, meaning that the portfolio structure mirrors the structure of the index as to investors with the promise that we will buy it back at a fixed price at a future point in time.